From the simple to the unique—since 1988!

While a bathroom or kitchen remodel adds unquestionable value to your home, you might find the monetary benefits aren’t even the greatest gains: there’s nothing quite like a new bathroom for increased comfort and efficiency, after all.

What We Do

Pierpont’s is among the most recognized names in bathroom and kitchen products throughout Tulsa and its surrounding suburbs. The way we see it, bells and whistles are nice. But when it comes to beautifying your home, the eye of the beholder—that’s you!is what really counts. Ultimately, what’s important is that we select products that suit your family and your home. Freestanding bathtub, bathroom vanity, color-accenting cabinets, we can help do exactly that.

Pierpont brings 35 years of proven experience to the table.

By offering a wide range of fixtures, accessories, faucets, toilets, and other assorted plumbing products, Pierpont’s is taking the trial and error out of the experience so that home remodeling is as rewarding as it’s meant to be.

Our greatest strength is our customer care.

Is your goal to replace outdated materials with a more modern look?

Do you want the bathroom to feel more luxurious? Are you simply hoping to add a fixture, such as a tub spout or a shower fixture?

Who primarily uses the bathroom? Will guests be using the bathroom?


By pinpointing what you hope to get out of your new bathroom, you know where to focus your efforts and budget throughout the careful selection of products.

We partner with you every step of the way, so that your home remodeling project is reflective of your family’s preferences and complementary of your home’s design. During installation and afterward, Pierpont’s is your home’s #1 advocate, offering one-on-one consultation and the very best in customer care.

Pierpont’s is happy to refer you to a contractor as well. Every project is important, whether large or small, and settling on a suitable contractor is as important as selecting the right products.

In our view, a homeowner’s pride is the single most important measure of success and our customers have become a living

testimony to that conviction.

From the simple to the unique, Pierpont will help you visualize the big picture and ultimately, see your home anew.

This of course is an honor and a privilege and we thank the Tulsa county community for the continuing opportunity to do so!

PIERPONT’S BATH & KITCHEN From the simple to the unique—since 1988!

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